In order to ensure that the game is fun for everyone, all players are expected to behave in a reasonable and respectful manner. The administration reserves the right to stop destructive behaviour in the game. Our rules are as the follows:

Laws of City

  • #1 CivRP, LifeRP, JobRP, RDM, AnimalRP, RDM, VDM are ALL BAN-ABLE OFFENCES. In this city we do Law Enforcement RolePlay ONLY. ADMINS+ may do CivRP for scenes to enhance RolePlay within the community.
  • #2 Random shooting, Engaging with griefers/trollers when you are not a staff member , GTA Driving, Trolling & NITRP are ALL BAN-ABLE offences and if you engage with any of these activities you are subject to the same sanction as the offender.
  • #3 Your name must be an appropriate officers name to add to the RP realism. Example: Officer Smith; John Smith; NOT: J.Smith0145 (Adult city remember)
  • #4 Racism, Harassment, or Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated. Anyone found guilty of this behaviour will be reprimanded both departmentally and server side.
  • #5 Under age 18+, please read the rules. Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) is rated Mature 17+ (M) by the ESRB. Must maintain and portray realism, maturity and professionalism at ALL TIMES.
  • #6 English Only: Text Chats, Voice Chats, RTO Channels Etc. Push to talk must be used when background noise cannot be controlled. A mic MUST be present at ALL TIMES when patrolling in the city.
  • #7 Do not Self Attach to other LEO scenes without permission!
  • #8 We have a department Chain of Command to handle situations that may occur in RP that violates a department guideline set from that department head. Ignoring this regulation will land you in trouble with both staff and department.
  • #9 DO NOT interact, get into a vehicle with, ask questions in which you may find the answer via CoC or in discord with ADMINS, BOD or FBI. They are busy people looking after the server to ensure the time you spend in the worlds best FivePD server is as smooth as possible! If you have a question try another member of the city, our many discord channels or while in game use /help.
  • #10 LEOs Must use the weapons located in your F11 Duty Menu, Verified Alternate Departments should not at any point in time be seen using or have access to a Firearm, Stun gun or anything of these sorts, unless authorized by the Board of Directors.
  • #11 No threats of Hacks, mods, Glitches, or any Exploits of any kind. Any of these threats are taken EXTREMELY seriously and are acted upon instantly both in game and in our discord server.
  • #12 Advertisement of any kind is Prohibited unless it is approved by the Phoenix Protocol's Board of Directors. This may include Discord DM Advertisement, Discord about me invites & sharing of images or videos related to a city other than Phoenix Protocol RP.
  • #13 Maintain realism while customizing your patrol cars. All vehicles can be spawned using the chat command "/vs" However if seen using unauthorized parts on your patrol car, this will result in a warning then removal if told again.
  • #14 Pretending or acting to be an administration of or for Phoenix Protocol RP, is Prohibited and will be held accountable, you can tell if you are speaking to an admin or staff member and you mask ask too see a badge at any point during this time, only staff and admins have access to the badge.
  • #15 GREEN LIGHTS BREAK RP. If you see green lights behind you or on a scene this means that staff is present. At this point, RP has been paused. You must pull over and or interact with staff whenever the described scenario above occurs.
  • #16 Call-Signs (or names) must be on ALL LEO/DOT/CORONER License Plates, we use this to be able to attach a vehicle on scene to the correct officer/DOT technician/ Coroner in the case we need to ask questions and or inform them of new information.
  • #17 If you have a suggestion for the server, please follow proper CoC by opening a development ticket. Keep in mind ; MLOs, Vehicle packs, Scripts, please refer to ???adding-scripts channel for more information!
  • #18 In the city of Phoenix Protocol, we have laws set upon and regulations in place for the best interest of our officers with the experiences that have come with being a part of management. These rules and regulations are set forth for the long run and are subject to change AT ANY TIME at the discretion of an admin in conjunction with the Board of Directors. If you have questions about these rules set upon ; please open a support ticket. Openly complaining, being belligerent, ignoring any of these rules will result in a ticket out from the city.
  • #19 Your internet connection must also be stable enough to avoid affecting surrounding players, failure to ensure or provide this may result in a kick from the server.
  • #20 You can only be in 1 LEO department and 1 Support Department at a time. Also You can only rank in 1 department, no exceptions! Wherever you hold full time you are able to rank as usual, whereas wherever you are part-time you are unable to move past the probationary rank of said department. This is not up for debate or discussion and has been decided as per BOD.
  • #21 We appreciate your interest in becoming a staff, but do not ask to be a staff member. Staff are handpicked by our Board of Directors.
Every situation is reviewed case by case, that way if something is caught cross platform or being repetitive, the punishment may differ
Not knowing the rules are not the excuse, as it's stated to read them on arrival to our city

Laws of Discord

  • Use intended channels for it's purpose, anything non-related should be discuss in General channel.
  • Refrain from using languages other than English.
  • Nicknames must be able to be mentioned. Homoglyphs, Zalgo and use of multiple scripts are prohibited.
  • No abuse, self-promotion, Discord server invite links or codes.
  • Be respectful, civil, and welcoming, respectful to others.
  • Do not record voice channel conversations.
  • Do not discuss hacking or cheating.
  • Refrain from discussing any politically charged or inflammatory topics.
  • Do not send online meeting links.
  • Do not impersonate others, including public figures.
  • Creating sub servers with the intent of moving our members with the goal of self-benefit is not allowed.
  • No advertising Discord servers, other programs, websites, or services.
  • NSFW or objectionable content of any kind is strictly prohibited. If you are unsure if it is NSFW, you shouldn't post it.
  • Uphold mature conversations and respect each other; excessive profanity, hate speech or any kind of harassment will not be tolerated.
  • Spamming, toxicity or aggressive behavior will not be tolerated
  • These rules may vary any time. Moderators reserve the right to warn and ban users discretionally.
  • Do not message any other members unless mutually agreed upon.
  • Mods and admins decisions are final and are not to be argued with.
The most important rule of all is to have fun!
Also bear in mind that Discord overall rules also applies